Hi I'm Becca!

My family and I love to travel! We explored the West for 5 months and it was one of our best experiences as a family ever!

I'm blessed to be Mom to my two daughters, Emma and Abby. They are into barbies, bunkbeds, baby dolls, and wonderful helpers to me! 

My incredible husband, Hunter, is our glue. He keeps a houseful of women happy with hugs, rough housing crazy kids, and leading us to Christ. He's a farmer who loves baby cow frolics and driving huge farm equipment :)

Books, puzzles, forest green anything, and horses, oh my!

I'm a handshake kinda gal, here is my virtual one

My goal is to showcase your day strategically and show off the best you! You work hard in planning your wedding and I will do my best to showcase it. I believe that an elevated experience doesn't have to come with spectacles and a prudish air, but instead with laughs, jokes, and feeling like your best you. I'm sure to put you at ease with my goofy self. I am also a labor and delivery nurse— with that background of meeting families in their best moments you can rest assured I'll seamlessly integrate into your wedding experience.

an elevated experience

I have always been an overshooter and overdeliverer (those are words, trust me). I believe that each moment matters and it's how I expect my own photos to be delivered. I'm a firm believer in delivering the full smile and the smirk one and letting you decide which is your favorite. I love hearing the joy my couples get when they go through their gallery! It is always exciting for me to get that text of "omg we love, love our photos!!" I also like getting to see what photos are people's favorites— it is almost 100% of the time different from mine!


I want to encourage you to slow down on your wedding day. I distinctly remember worrying during my dance with my Dad about where the musicians were and talking to him about that during our moment.. such a regret. I will help you plan a timeline so you can savor time with your loved ones. While I'll direct some posing, you'll also have moments of uninterrupted time to allow moments to organically happen. This might look like "Ok guys we're going to hold hands and you can tell each other your favorite part of the day so far."

the little moments

I'm your hype girl, here to provide you with a comfortable experience! All day I'll focus on the details so you can be relaxed and present in the moment. In over a decade of experience, I have yet to have a wedding magically go perfect and follow the timeline 100%... but I'm easy going and will work with what I'm given. If things get off track, we'll take it in stride and focus on what is your priority is. The Mom and Nurse in me has got you covered to make sure things go well and as stress-free as possible!


I'm all about...